Become an Affiliate

Attending one or more workshops is the best way to learn about the studio, its members (referred to as “affiliates”) and its policies and practices. The studio offers a variety of different workshops at different times of the week: [N3] daytime, evening, and on weekends. Some workshops span several months, meeting weekly, others are one-time only, and others are scheduled for several weekends during the year. Workshops are open to anyone interested; you do not have to be an affiliate to attend a workshop. If an individual is interested in becoming an affiliate, he or she should contact the Membership Committee or send email to (see last page for names and contact information).

Affiliates pay a monthly fee to use the studio. Currently, there are three options for becoming an affiliate.

Fixed Fee Membership

Unlimited use of the studio (except when workshops or other events are scheduled)
Flex-Use Membership
Use of the studio 36 times/year (with additional use at $25/visit)
Summer Residency Program
$180/month plus $20 refundable key deposit
Use of the studio during July and August plus a storage shelf.

Affiliate fees are the primary source of income for the studio and we rely on Affiliates to sign a contract for a year and to honor that commitment. It is the Affiliate’s choice to participate in workshops (for an additional fee) or to use the studio space whenever he or she chooses.

Fees are due the 25th of each month for the following month. Make checks payable to Turtle Studios with the memo notation: Rent and send to Turtle Studios, PO Box 95185, Newton, MA 02495. [N4]

Summer Residency Program. July and August are set aside for this residency program. Participants in this program receive a key to the studio and a shelf to store individual materials. The cost of this program is $180 per month and a $20 deposit for the key. An application form or contract is required to be considered for this program.

What being an affiliate means[N5]

  • Having a say in how the studio is run[P6].

  • Using the studio any time. Please, note that workspace may be limited during a workshop or event.

  • Having a key to the studio and some storage space for your supplies.

  • Access to the on-site library and communal materials.

  • Participating in bimonthly studio meetings (Sept-June[N7] ).

  • Serving on a subcommittee (Membership, Facilities, Finance, Program/Events)

  • Being eligible to serve on the Board[N8] (named “the Pentagang”). See “Studio Roles” section for details.

  • Maintaining the studio (e.g., cleaning twice a year with two to three other Affiliates. Pentagang members are exempt from cleaning duty

  • Participating in preparation for, during and after Studio events (i.e., Open Studios and other Artists’ Events).

If you choose, being an affiliate can also mean:

  • Showing your work in studio shows, Open Studios, and Kitchen Gallery.

  • Holding an artist’s event in the studio.